Our Story – the History of Amazing Grace —

Humble Beginnings

In 1912, the Sisters of the Resurrection purchased 42 acres of land in northwest Chicago on what is now Talcott Avenue. On this farmland, the Sisters built a 4-story, brick convent, elementary school and boarding house for area boys and girls—adding Resurrection High School to the property in 1922. In 1926, they built an addition to the convent for the high school. Still too small, they expanded the high school in 1928 with the L-shaped addition, as it stands today. At times, there were 400 students and 80 Sisters occupying the building during the day!

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From 1930-1940, the early high school provided two educational tracks: a two-year commercial program and a general four-year program in the building. After World War II, Chicago’s growing northwest population pushed enrollment past the building’s capacity, forcing an end to the boarding program. In the late 1950s, the elementary department closed, and a new high school was built near the site to accommodate the growing enrollment.

The new school opened in 1962, allowing the Sisters to occupy the entire convent and use former classrooms as bedrooms, meeting rooms and offices. However, enrollment continued to climb throughout the 1970s. As a result, much of the convent was again used as an annex to the school for social studies, art and dance classes. In the wintertime, students used the tunnel connecting the school to the convent to walk to classes.

Remaking History

By the 1980s, the convent had fallen into disrepair and was no longer used by the school. The Sisters spent much of the next decade repairing and restoring the building, creating 60 private rooms with bathrooms and renovating the dining room, kitchen, meeting rooms and offices.

As time passed and repairs mounted, the Sisters decided it would be prudent to raze the original 1914 section of the building and construct a new entrance, chapel and meeting rooms. They also added a new skilled nursing area for Sisters needing senior care. The new addition was opened in 2005. As part of the renovation, the original 1914 chapel’s stained-glass windows were installed in the new chapel—creating the breathtaking historical beauty on display today.

In 2018, due to decreasing numbers and increasing expenses, the Sisters decided to sell the property. Fortunately, Amazing Grace Senior Living is able to carry on their legacy of service.

A Continuing Commitment

For over a century, this historic place has been revered in the community as a place of endearment. Amazing Grace Senior Living will proudly carry on this community commitment and dedication to the exceptional care of seniors in a non-denominational Christian based community – HERE, ALL ARE WELCOME! Adhering to standards of excellence in all aspects of senior life, Amazing Grace will maintain this historic location’s reputation as a place where life and the human spirit flourish and grow. 

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