COVID-19 Response —

Important COVID-19 Information

As the Coronavirus continues to impact our nation and local communities, Amazing Grace is committed to keeping future residents, families and staff informed of how we’re responding to this unprecedented crisis.

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Upon Opening Spring 2021, We Will Be Implementing Revolutionary Air Ventilation:

Amazing Grace has installed an innovative air ventilation system that cleans the air in our community and fights pathogens using patented Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI®) technology. Learn more.

Antimicrobial Cleaning:

Once our doors have opened, Amazing Grace will perform regular deep cleaning and disinfecting of all common spaces and residences using an EPA-approved, antimicrobial technology that kills viruses on contact and protects surfaces for up to 60-90 days. Learn more.

Strict Protocols:

As mentioned above, Amazing Grace follows all federal, state and local guidelines established for our community and our fellow senior care professionals. All staff and future residents will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure. In addition, our talented team will ensure all wellness, dining and social activities adhere to social distancing requirements. Please visit the CDC website to learn more.

Visitors Restrictions:

Currently, Amazing Grace is not fully open for visitors. Our community will have rigorous screening measures in place for essential workers and anyone entering our premises. Amazing Grace is committed to helping our residents lead healthy social lives and will strive to provide safe, socially distant interactions among family and residents—so please contact us to learn how we can accommodate.

Health Monitoring & Transparency:

We will closely monitor the health of residents and staff daily upon opening. Should a positive case be confirmed within our community, we will notify residents, family members and health providers immediately to begin proper contact tracing, care and isolation measures.

Vaccine Distribution

Amazing Grace is in close contact with state and local agencies, health providers and pharmacies to ensure residents and staff are prepared and informed when the COVID-19 vaccine arrives. Please check back for more updates.

Our priority is to provide the highest level of safety and care for those we serve. Following CDC, state and local health department guidelines, we’ve implemented strict protocols throughout our community, along with innovative technology and care practices. We ask for your cooperation in abiding by these guidelines to help us prevent the spread Covid-19 while we prepare for upcoming vaccination distribution. Working together, we can continue to ensure Amazing Grace remains a safe, social and active environment where our residents can thrive.